P. S. Science Fundraiser | Event Photography LA

I absolutely adore working with P. S. Science!  We’ve been shooting together for years now and I always leave their events (well usually classrooms) with a huge smile.  They bring SCIENCE to elementary school classrooms and make learning incredibly FUN for the kids.  While I’m usually documenting the giant smiles on kids faces, this night I was lucky enough to document adults enjoying science in the same way!  The fundraiser was a huge success (and I was a huge success because I was able to pull the tablecloth out from under some plates without a spill…just one of the many science themed activities you’ll see below).

If you are looking for a worthy organization to support you’ve found it!  Check out their WEBSITE to see how you can help.

The fundraiser was held at Boomtown Brewery, take a look at their awesome event space…


That’s me in the last photo!  I actually got a picture of myself, a VERY rare occurrence.

Until next time,


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