A Kaleidoscopic Bloom | Antelope Valley Poppy Fields Photography | 35mm + digital

I bought some kaleidoscope sunglasses last year and I can’t stop taking pictures through them.  Not like the poppy fields need any more color added to them…oh well I did it anyways…

We woke up bright and early to drive out to the Antelope Valley poppy fields for sunrise and it was SO WORTH IT!  Sunrise was magical, orange is my favorite color, everything was just perfect I couldn’t contain my excitement.  Here are just a few of my favorites, a mixture of digital and 35mm…

IMG_9952 copy39484_0022 copyIMG_9655_1 copyIMG_9640 copyIMG_9656 copyIMG_9659 copyIMG_9690_1 copyIMG_9695 copyIMG_9765_1 copyIMG_9716 copyIMG_9855 copyIMG_9863 copy




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