Mariam in the Gardens | Portrait Session in 35mm

Look at this beaut!  I had such a fun time exploring Descanso Gardens with Mariam…who is also a fellow film photographer!  Go check out her gorgeous work on Instagram:

Thanks for being such a fantastic model Mariam and being down for anything!  Even laying upside down on a giant white globe :)  I love how these turned out:

000412690006 copy000412680008 copy000412680017 copy000412680015 copy000412690030 copy000412680002 copy000412680011 copy000412690035 copy000412690021 copy000412690015 copy000412680020 copy000412680021 copy000412690004 copy000412680018 copy000263260034 copy000263260036 copy000263260029 copy000263250026 copy000263250016 copy000263260002 copy000263260005 copy000263260017 copy000263260019 copy000263260021 copy000263260026 copy000263260025 copy


Shannon @smwimages   |

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