Second Home Pavilion LA | with karla in 35mm

Another amazing shoot with Karla!

@karlagrooves – go find her

The second I saw this installation I knew I had to come back with my film camera.  Wowza what an inspiring space.  A dreamy wonderland of color.  It’s up until November, go explore!  (maybe don’t go at noon like we did, unless you like saunas)

Film: Porta 400

000470650005 copy000470650003 copy000470650002 copy000470650024 copy000470650028 copy000470650031 copy000470630002 copy000470630005 copy000470630010 copy000470630015 copy000470630020 copy000470630022 copy000470630026 copy000470630031 copy000470630035 copy000470630036 copy000470640004 copy000470640007 copy000470640020 copy000470640031 copy000470640028 copy000470640026 copy



Shannon @smwimages   |


film photography los angeles | 35mm film | portrait session photography LA | second home installation la brea tarpits 

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