Salem Art Works (SAW)

I’m living in Brooklyn for the month with one of my best friends (the lovely lady pictured below) and my best doggie friend (the handsome pooch pictured below her).  We decided to road trip up north to Salem, NY last weekend and were luckily able to couchsurf with friends that are currently doing artist’s residencies with Salem Art Works.

What a treat for the senses!  Sculptures big and small cover the property, a number of nearby rivers to dip in, trees that seem too green to be real (or maybe I’ve just spent too much time in the city?)…I have such respect for the people who can build something of beauty from nothing.

Check out their website for more information (they have workshops!) –


Art studio/sleeping accommodations…

saw8saw10saw4bwsaw12saw11saw14saw13saw15bwsaw19saw22Sarah and Charlie among the sculpted weeds…



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