Michael Asks Lavina in Central Park | NYC Proposal Photographer

I think photographing proposals might be my new favorite thing.  You are capturing this special love-filled moment while also feeling like a photo ninja.  Michael and Lavina were visiting New York all the way from Ireland and I scouted the perfect proposal spot right by Gapstow Bridge.  This spot was abandoned for the 30 minutes I was awaiting their arrival and then BOOM someone decided to check out the view right when they arrived (see picture #2).   It’s not a true NYC experience unless someone is in your personal space, right?  A nice little reminder that life is full of surprises, and hey, the view a little to the right was pretty gorgeous as well.

Spring in Central Park is simply stunning, thanks for having me along for the adventure Michael and Lavina!

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And off they went to explore the park as a newly engaged couple…


Los Angeles, I will be flying back to you this Friday!  I need to make a super bloom poppy session happen.


Lots of love!




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