Family Documentary Photography in 35mm Film | Los Angeles | A Mini Visit with Mj, Sam, and Ava

I was there when these two met.  Mj was the creative director of the shoot, Sam was the model, and I was totally clueless that a romance was simmering.   First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes this crazy cute baby that I had to meet in person asap!  Yep, I couldn’t find any creative way to rhyme with marriage so I didn’t even go there.

I brought along my film camera to the visit because, as you probably know from my previous posts, I’m obsessed with 35mm at the moment.  This time I was shooting with Fuji 400h.

01860001 copy01860010 copy01860004 copy01860009 copy01860007 copy01860006 copy01860020 copy01860018 copy01860019 copy01900037 copy01860036 copy01860029 copy01860031 copy01860035 copy01860032 copy01900019 copy01900011 copy01900021 copy01900024 copy01900035 copy


– Shannon


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