Sophie is ONE! | Santa Monica Beach Birthday Cake Smash | Los Angeles Family Photography

cake smash los angeles photography first birthday beach surfboard santa monica

I think Sarah (Sophie’s lovely mother)  is going to start a new trend – surfboard cake smashes.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it and I’m so into it!  Keep scrolling to the end and you’ll see the magic that unfolds.  We had such a lovely early morning shoot by the Annenburg Beach House in Santa Monica.  Sophie started the session with a face full of smiles and a left the session with a belly full of sand.  Life is good.  Shout out to Sarah for all the creative props and stylings you’re about to see!

3B4A6029 copy3B4A6038 copy3B4A6074 copy3B4A6092 copy3B4A6118 copy3B4A6176 copy3B4A6205 copy3B4A6151 copy3B4A6219 copy3B4A6244 copy3B4A6332 copy3B4A6450 copy3B4A6455 copy3B4A6460 2 copy3B4A6468 copy3B4A6478 copy3B4A6495 copy3B4A6506 copy3B4A6561 copy3B4A6578 copy3B4A6641 copy3B4A6682 copy3B4A6711 copy3B4A6716 copy3B4A6819 copy3B4A6845 copy3B4A6949 copy3B4A6749 copy3B4A7007 copy3B4A7083 copy3B4A7113 copy3B4A7134 copy3B4A7213 copy3B4A7252 copy3B4A7285 copy3B4A7288 copy3B4A7323 copy3B4A7357 copy3B4A7367 copy3B4A7407 copy3B4A7429 copy3B4A7435 copy3B4A7507 copy3B4A7488 copy3B4A7550 copy3B4A7557 copy


Baby in a box!  We heard that about 100 times on the walk back to the car :)

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