Katie Rose is LIT | Fire Hooping Photo Session Los Angeles | 35mm Film

I was so excited to try out my new film camera with FIRE HOOPING! Katie Rose is a serious superstar when it comes to all things flow.  Oh, and ridiculously brave.  I don’t know how she dances with hot flames that close to her body and keeps her cool.  Do you see her expressions?  Not even a trace of unease.  Such a fun shoot, thanks for sharing your evening and art with me Katie!

I highly recommend following her on instagram for some gorgeous hoop flows, whimsical paintings, and all sorts of creative endeavors – @tippytoes_flows

Camera: Canon AE1

Film: Kodak Porta 400

First things first…puppy.

shann89-023 copy

Ok, now on to the hooping spectacular:

shann89-035 copyshann89-033 copyshann89-002 copyshann89-017 copyshann89-020 copyshann89-024 copyshann89-025 copyshann89-028 copyshann89-029 copyshann89-013 copyshann89-027 copy




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