Kelsey ♥︎ Venice | Senior Portraits in Venice Beach | Los Angeles

I had such a lovely senior portrait session with Kelsey!  That girl was a natural in front of the camera, usually it takes a second for people to get comfortable but she breezed past that stage straight to the professional model stage.  Venice Beach was the perfect backdrop for some urban grunge, colorful walls, and a beachy magic hour finish.  Thanks for spending a fun afternoon with me Kelsey!

3B4A6263 copy3B4A6244 copy3B4A6372 copy3B4A6355 copy3B4A6421 copy3B4A6470 copy3B4A6490 copy3B4A6491 copy3B4A6511 copy3B4A6540 copy3B4A6588 copy3B4A6620 copy3B4A6655 copy3B4A6668 copy3B4A6674 copy3B4A6713 copy3B4A6759 copy3B4A6793 copy3B4A6819 copy3B4A6832 copy3B4A6877 copy3B4A6946 copy3B4A7001 copy3B4A7094 copy3B4A7204 copy3B4A7238 copy3B4A7292 copy3B4A7326 copy3B4A7368 copy3B4A7412 copy3B4A7439 copy3B4A7462 copy3B4A7671 copy3B4A7722 copy


Shannon  |  |  @smwimages

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