Day at the Horse Show | Family Documentary Photographer Los Angeles

This was such a beautiful day!  Snowcapped mountains in the distance, blue ribbons twirling with the wind, majestic creatures, and some family bonding…perfection.  Documenting these family experiences is one of my favorite things!

Horse show palm springs HITS Coachella Desert Circuit family shoot portrait day in the life photography photographer los angeles event children horses horseback riding beautiful mountains horses3B4A53603B4A53523B4A54063B4A54203B4A54253B4A54823B4A54733B4A55393B4A55993B4A56133B4A56283B4A56523B4A56623B4A56893B4A57243B4A57393B4A57583B4A57723B4A58093B4A58343B4A58503B4A58753B4A59783B4A60313B4A60603B4A60853B4A60943B4A61043B4A61573B4A61763B4A62053B4A62403B4A63593B4A64433B4A64953B4A65463B4A66323B4A66523B4A66863B4A67103B4A68333B4A68693B4A69243B4A69313B4A69343B4A70103B4A70563B4A70653B4A70733B4A72123B4A71613B4A73753B4A74323B4A74433B4A74533B4A74853B4A75193B4A77433B4A77723B4A77983B4A78813B4A79003B4A79833B4A79843B4A79933B4A80063B4A80163B4A80593B4A81573B4A82203B4A8196





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