One Morning in Grand Central | NYC Family Portrait Photographer

The plan was Central Park…but as the weekend approached the temperature dropped and we had to think of a different plan.  We agreed on Grand Central Station and I am oh so happy we did!  The travels of strangers painted the backdrop of each image, it was magic.

3B4A2564Grand Central Station Family Shoot - photography, photographer, children, new york, nyc, city, brooklyn, portrait, trains3B4A26093B4A26373B4A26943B4A27193B4A27703B4A28113B4A28393B4A28453B4A28733B4A28973B4A29203B4A29293B4A29433B4A29643B4A29813B4A29983B4A31393B4A31753B4A31913B4A32033B4A33043B4A33393B4A33473B4A33613B4A33763B4A34143B4A34383B4A34613B4A34793B4A35203B4A36103B4A36373B4A37133B4A37403B4A38953B4A39173B4A39723B4A40003B4A40983B4A41113B4A41833B4A42793B4A44573B4A4453


– Shannon

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