Karla in the Flowers | 35mm Film | Portrait Photography Los Angeles

film portrait photography los angeles

Yes, the film photography adventure continues…and it really never disappoints.  Such a fun and unexpected shoot with Karla!  We were supposed to shoot at the pink houses in Mid-City LA, an impermanent art project where someone spray painted three houses hot pink that were due for demolition (more info here – https://la.curbed.com/2017/6/12/15782818/mid-city-pink-houses-m-rad-public-art).  When I arrived the houses were painted white and covered with no trespassing signs (and a large sign saying “EYESORE”).  Neighbors must’ve been a little upset about the pink  tourist attraction.  We decided to go ahead with the shoot anyways, pink flowers…pink houses… close enough!  I adore the photos we captured…

1 roll of Fujifilm 400h

shann69-032 copyshann69-031 copyshann69-030 copyshann69-029 copyshann69-028 copyshann69-025 copyshann69-022 copyshann69-019 copyshann69-003 copyshann69-017 copyshann69-014 copyshann69-007 copyshann69-011 copyshann69-009shann69-005 copy

Go find Karla on instagram, she’s awesome! @karlacheers

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